Shane Snow Helps Freelance Writers Online

Posted by on Nov 1, 2011 in Insights | No Comments

Recent graduate of TechStars NYC and #CMPNY Version 3.0 Presenter Shane Snow of Contently shares some illuminating startup lessons learned with Schuyler Brown of Founders@Fail.

Founders@Fail shares the stories behind what it really takes to build a business, launch a product, and raise funding. The stories may not be pretty, but for aspiring entrepreneurs, they’ll make you better prepared when that deal falls through, the financing doesn’t close, and your CTO quits … So tune in to our streaming interviews, come to our live events, and get to know our community of entrepreneurs.”

Shane shares what it takes to compete against content farms and how he’s helping freelance writers navigate and elevate their careers online.  Key “failure is fuel” insights:

  • “Fire bad customers”
  • Release product iterations fast, but conduct hiring slowly

(Guest post.  See and learn more from Shane and other startup founders with Schuyler at Founders@Fail and on Twitter.)