Isn’t Piracy Missing the Point?

Posted by on Jan 31, 2012 in Commentary | No Comments

Given the the delayed SOPA/PIPA voting and Code Meet Print’s continued exploration of innovation across content experiences as well as commerce models, I thought it would be pertinent to assemble a different flavor of speakers for the next #CMPNY Meetup.*

A Call for Submissions: Please respond with ideas/suggestions or hopes/dreams of people who hold sway within media, publishing, IP law, technology, government, or anywhere at their intersections that might lend their expertise, perspectives, and/or invectives toward the state of affairs of content and its oscillating boundaries.

Perhaps one of these people is you, or a colleague, or a distant cousin?

I have some people in mind, but I think it’s time to hear more from you, those that make Code Meet Print excellent, thoughtful, engaging, cheeky. 

A possible Prompt: “Isn’t Piracy Missing the Point?”

Have at it, ladies and gentlemen.**


*Sometime in Middlemarch. Or the cruellest month.

**Feel free to post/share any pertinent SOPA/PIPA articles for our shared knowledge base here. Feel similarly about any invectives (yours or otherwise) thereof.