Speaking at TOC Conference NYC 2013 “Beyond Devices”

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Speaking at TOC Conference NYC 2013 “Beyond Devices”

Excited to have taken part in a lively and thoughtful discussion on what “social engagement” means for books in 2013 and beyond at the Tools of Change Conference here in New York on February 14th.

It was a privilege to share the stage with David Wilk of Booxtrix and Writerscast, Joe Regal of Zola Books, New York Times best-selling author Audrey Niffenegger and Pauline Hubert of BookMovement.

One question that resurfaced was the idea of authors doing more scalable “web readings” – a cross between readings at bookstores and a pre-ticketed interactive webcast. Many of us thought this might be a smart way to bridge the gap between those eager readers who simply do not live in a city where authors can engage with them in person, as well as provide an alternate and efficient revenue supplement for writers and their publishers.

Most of us stopped short of endorsing product-placement and cross-selling within the eBook. But if 30 Rock can do it cheekily, is there a way for mainstream books to do it and get away with it?