Why Publishers Must Sell Direct

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Why Publishers Must Sell Direct

In late October, HarperCollins began selling eBooks directly to consumers, starting with C.S. Lewis’s ever-popular Narnia series. Readers can go to narnia.com or CSLewis.com and purchase DRM-protected ePub files for use on nearly every eBook reader (including our favorite, Readmill, but excluding the apps of the two biggest online retailers: Amazon Kindle and Apple iBooks). One month later […]

WritersCast Interviews Code Meet Print’s Glenn Nano

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The Code Meet Print Interview by WritersCast’s David Wilk In which the wonderful David Wilk – publishing, distribution and author relations and marketing executive – talks to me about startups vs. growth opportunities, content’s “race to free,” and whether innovation = economic value creation. And video games. “Reading behaviors can be disconnected from economic production…and […]

Speaking at TOC Conference NYC 2013 “Beyond Devices”

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Speaking at TOC Conference NYC 2013 “Beyond Devices”

Excited to have taken part in a lively and thoughtful discussion on what “social engagement” means for books in 2013 and beyond at the Tools of Change Conference here in New York on February 14th. It was a privilege to share the stage with David Wilk of Booxtrix and Writerscast, Joe Regal of Zola Books, […]

Twitter Fiction Festival + Code Meet Print

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Twitter Fiction Festival + Code Meet Print

The first ever Twitter Fiction Festival is Nov 28-Dec 2nd and Code Meet Print is hosting the event “Twitter, Fiction and Prototyping” at General Assembly in NYC on Nov 29th to celebrate! Code Meet Print celebrates the first ever Twitter Fiction Festival by hosting a night to discuss the state of Twitter fiction, to lead a mini-workshop […]

The First Twitter Fiction Festival

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Twitter has announced its first Twitter Fiction Festival, November 28th-December 2nd. In their words: “Twitter is a frontier for creative experimentation, and we want to invite authors and creative storytellers around the world to push the bounds of what’s possible with Twitter content. If you’d like to take part in the Twitter Fiction Festival, submit your […]

The New Press Turns 20

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Today is the 20th anniversary of The New Press, the not-for-profit publisher that has smartly bridged the gap between academic and trade founded by Andre Schiffrin, after leading Pantheon Books for three decades, and current Executive Director Diane Wachtell. I was an intern at The New Press the summer after my freshman year and to […]

Isn’t Piracy Missing the Point?

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Given the the delayed SOPA/PIPA voting and Code Meet Print’s continued exploration of innovation across content experiences as well as commerce models, I thought it would be pertinent to assemble a different flavor of speakers for the next #CMPNY Meetup.* A Call for Submissions: Please respond with ideas/suggestions or hopes/dreams of people who hold sway within […]

#CMPNY Version 4.0: “Content + Conversation” Presented by General Assembly December 6th

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Code Meet Print [NY] continues our exploration of innovation around Texts + Tech with demos + dialogue at Version 4.0: “Content + Conversation” Presented by General Assembly – December 6th at 7PM, with a fantastic lineup: Findings – Co-Founder Corey Menscher presents the Betaworks company that lets you store, share, and search snippets of text from eBooks and web pages, including integration with Kindle […]

The Laboratory: NYC Startup Weekend

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Some exciting news is afoot, beginning with a Partnership with NYC Startup Weekend! NYCSW is a series of Weekend events where Designers, Technologists, and Business-Strategy folks form small groups and build web and mobile apps that “could form the basis of a business”. You might have heard of Zaarly, which got its start by winning Startup Weekend LA […]

Code Meet Print Toronto: Reading is Social

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People are approaching reading differently and engaging the reader now involves Social Platforms, Game Mechanics and Crowd Sourcing to mention a few. This Wednesday November 23rd, Code Meet Print Toronto explores, with: Tim Maly –  Tim runs quietbabylon.com and his work has appeared in The Atlantic, McSweeney’s, East of the Web, Icon, and Volume Magazine. He enjoys […]