Why Publishers Must Sell Direct

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Why Publishers Must Sell Direct

In late October, HarperCollins began selling eBooks directly to consumers, starting with C.S. Lewis’s ever-popular Narnia series. Readers can go to narnia.com or CSLewis.com and purchase DRM-protected ePub files for use on nearly every eBook reader (including our favorite, Readmill, but excluding the apps of the two biggest online retailers: Amazon Kindle and Apple iBooks). One month later […]

The New Press Turns 20

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Today is the 20th anniversary of The New Press, the not-for-profit publisher that has smartly bridged the gap between academic and trade founded by Andre Schiffrin, after leading Pantheon Books for three decades, and current Executive Director Diane Wachtell. I was an intern at The New Press the summer after my freshman year and to […]

The Atavist: Building Tools for Ourselves (And Many Others)

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In “The Business of Publishing” Session II, Co-Founders Evan Ratliff and Jeff Rabb spoke candidly about the process of building The Atavist, both long-form journalism digital imprint and now media-rich content-management-system currently deployed as SaaS to big publishers like Pearson. “In some ways, the business of publishing is 45 minutes of setup.. acquire a domain, host a […]

“I would argue, rather, that books saved Oprah”

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It’s easy for people to mistake books for merely source material to bigger, glitzier, glossier things. They have at times become a footnote, a hyperlinked-reference within (extremely) louder, (incredibly) closer sound bytes, moving images, headlines, and bullet-points. For Session I of The Business of Publishing, Richard Nash unsurprisingly (and compellingly) laid bare this perspective. He […]

The Classroom Opens: “The Business of Publishing” at General Assembly Sep-Oct 2011

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While Code Meet Print has demonstrated the value of Community to the contemplation and creation of innovative processes and products across Texts + Tech, we are proud to take our next step in helping leaders across disciplines teach and learn and experiment around the #FutureOfStorytelling. We are thrilled to announce our first Education Series: The […]