Code Meet Print is the consultancy and community at the intersection of texts + technology that helps build strategy, product and audience relationships for organizations that have powerful stories to tell.

Code Meet Print Labs is our team of business and technology designers and builders helping clients grow innovation

Glenn Nano-270

Glenn Nano

Founder and Managing Partner

Glenn spent 10 years as a tech and media analyst and investor covering semiconductors, mobile devices and the internet, eventually focusing on web and mobile startups as a Principal at Centurion Venture Partners. While at Centurion, he founded Code Meet Print first as a meetup group for technologists, designers, publishers, executives and investors to demonstrate and discuss innovative solutions for tech-enabled storytelling.

Companies like Foreign Affairs sought out hands-on consulting to help bring these innovations to  life, so he started Code Meet Print Labs to help companies build web and mobile products and grow their audiences.

Glenn has given talks on “The Future of Storytelling” at IDEO and the O’Reilly/TOC Publishing Conference. He also co-founded the on-demand tech help startup AnswerQi, and studied English Literature at Harvard.



Operating Advisors



Richard Nash

VP of Content, Small Demons and formerly Publisher at Soft Skull Press

Richard is a widely-recognized thought leader on the business of storytelling and publishing off and online, and advises Code Meet Print clients on various projects.


Rich Ziade

Partner at Arc90 and Founder of Readability

Rich is head of the design and development agency Arc90, whose clients include Thompson Reuters and McGraw Hill. He created Readability, a digital read-later platform used by 5 million people.


Jeremy Caplan

Director, Tow-Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism at CUNY School of Journalism

Jeremy helps lead our Journalism practice, including speakers, events and high-level strategy for media and news organization clients.



Designers and Builders



Keenan Payne

Web Designer and Developer

Interface designer, front-end and full stack developer and WordPress killer. He’s written a lot about design and code here.


Chris Steib

Product Manager and UX

Formerly VP of Product at Thrillist and, Chris does strategy, product and UX desgin. Plays a mean ukulele.


Steve Cannarelli

Graphic and Interface Designer

Passionate about typography, Steve did interface and visual design for AnswerQi. He swings the electric guitar on the side.